Director Message

Jay Ess Academy Director

Director’s Desk

“Education is not Preparation of life education is life itself.” John Dewy Education is not a preparation for life, but life Instead and we at Jay Ess Academy strongly believe in the above said.

Established in March 2013, JEA one stands proudly at one of the topmost pedestals of educational institutes in the region. We aim not only at the academic growth of our students but prepare them for this life as they bid adieu to the school taking pride not only in the educational experiences, but sporting excellence in cultural activities and an infrastructure that caters to the dynamic needs of such a multi faceted study programmer.

I, am a director of such an institute personally strive to provide the students with a holistic environment one that builds the frame work of life learning’s. An intricate yet transparent system of communication between the guardians and authorities forms the basis of nurturing atmosphere that we consider essential at JEA enabling personal excellence at multiple levels.